Ready Aim Thrive BookIn a time when the world seems depressed economically and emotionally, it is easy to find people who are merely surviving, and sometimes it seems nearly impossible to tap into those who are truly thriving in their lives.This invaluable resource is a collection of history. Each contributor shares their testimony of trials, challenges and their rise to success. Their stories will leave an imprint on your heart forever.

Ready, Aim, Thrive! is a priceless work that will encourage and inspire you to be triumphant over your own obstacles. This is your time to stop striving and start thriving. Experts include: Viki Winterton, James Malinchak, Andrea Lard, Beth McBlain, Clint Arthur, Gregory Cook, Jamie Dickenson, Melanie Fatuesi, Norka Parodi, Dr. Tiana Von Johnson, Galit Goldfarb, Jill Mooradian, Lynette Louise, Mary Beth Daniels, Susana Tuya Sarmiento, Wren Owens, Bonnie Gordon Patterino, Cali Gilbert, Diana Kendros Makeig, Emily Petroff, Hal Price, Melanie Robinson, Steffi Black, MichelJoy DelRe, Susanne Whited, Susie Briscoe and Yossi Daniel.

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Taking a Leap of Faith

Taking a Leap of Faith with MichelJoy DelRe

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