I’ll bring your audience of women to their feet with 5 STEPS TO IGNITE YOUR MILLIONAIRE MIND, WITHOUT ALL THE STRESS!

Your audience will be inspired by my TRUE story…

“As a divorced, single Mother, I knew it would take a miracle to own my own home again – especially, since I now had a bankruptcy in my credit rating and no savings. To anyone else, it seemed impossible. But, once I caught fire with the vision of owning my home and shared that vision with people who cared, I became unstoppable. Like walking across hot, burning coals of fire, I faced fears. At the same time, I refused to engage in worry, dropping it over and over again, each and every time. I dug down deep into my belief in the power of Miracles in life, focusing on gratitude. And, within 6 months, I found the perfect home and walked in MORTGAGE-FREE. That’s right…without a mortgage.”

I’ll share the REST of my miraculous story, along with sprinkles of stories from the 5,000 clients I’ve coached over 22 years.

Here, in their own words, are amazing results of a few…

“I was so successful the IRS did an audit because they couldn’t believe I had increased my business so much in just one year!” – Alina Zoltek, Bookkeeper, QB Trainer

“I increased my integrated security systems business from $60,000 a year to $300,000 in ONE MONTH. Then, in one year, it grew to a $3,000,000 company.” – Kiran Kaur, CEO

“We’ve grown from home-based to global, catapulting my business into extraordinary success and profitability!” – Maureen McHale, CEO

“New Directions For Women continues to grow a stronger, more cohesive executive team. I continue to invest in them and am able to spend more time out in public being the true face and voice of the organization, nationally and internationally. We closed our fiscal year in a position never attained in 35 years” – Rebecca Flood, CEO

When you book MichelJoy as your Speaker, your audience will RAVE about your event. And your people will walk away with 5 STEPS they can implement now that will fast track the future of their businesses!

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