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A former Senior V.P. of Mattel who started her own company, grew it into a multi-million dollar hybrid business model in marketing and branding for the toy industry. She was named “Entrepreneur of the Year”, designed statistical research for the children and pre-teen girls market, manages 6 independent consultants, and supports the branding for new inventor’s toys. One of her priorities in life is making time to volunteer at her daughter’s school.

A Security Integrator who is a provider of multiple products and services to the Military & Defense, Industrial, Transportation, and Communications markets. Her company’s expertise includes Project Management, Materials & Contracts Management, Consulting and Designing as well as Education and Training. Her vision included Gross Revenue growth from $60K/year to $300K/year in the first year. She did that in ONE MONTH. She then grew her company’s Gross Revenue to $3M in ONE YEAR.

A Doctor of Oriental Medicine who established her business as a bridge between Western and Eastern medicine by teaching in a school of Oriental Medicine and treating head trauma patients in medical hospitals. As a newly divorced woman she started over in her practice, created one of the most prosperous acupuncture practices in the country, became a millionaire, flew with Drs. Without Borders, raised her three teenagers, re-married, retired, and then re-invented her practice. She is now a sought-after expert in nutrition and acupuncture.

A Clothing Designer who started cutting out t-shirts in her garage at night, grew her fashion line into a label; marketed through kiosks and boutiques in Newport Beach, Santa Monica, and Las Vegas; hired Veterans to run a side business of ice cream carts; invested in commercial real estate; became a millionaire. She is now semi-retired and very happily married with two beautiful children.

A CFO of a multi-million dollar non-profit senior housing campus, with locations in 5 states, who turned the organization around from having a limited vision and facing a negative cash flow within two years, to a flourishing, profitable organization.

MichelJoy has coached notable professionals in diverse backgrounds from a Navy Seal to a Harvard Professor to an Negotiations Expert as well as C.P.A.’s, Attorneys, Real Estate professionals, Marketing and Branding Consultants, Computer & IT professionals, Graphic Artists, Designers, Artists, Doctors & Health and Spiritual Practitioners.

Taking a Leap of Faith

Taking a Leap of Faith with MichelJoy DelRe

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MichelJoy DeRe is an excellent executive coach for me as an entrepreneur. I have been working with her for ten years and my business has grown dramatically with her coaching. I would be happy to speak to anyone interested in hearing about her services.

Shawn Bailey

Founder and CEO, Bailey Care Homes

MichelJoy was my business coach for three years. When I met her I had a lot of work that I did not like doing as an attorney. With her support, I took the ten percent that I did like doing and quit doing the 90% that I hated doing. I earned twice as much from the 10 percent than I had made from the 100% the year before. And, I was happier at what I was doing, had more time off and lots more peace of mind. I also created a fabulous relationship that is sustaining, fulfilling and still powerful more than ten years later.

Lawrence Cox

Attorney, Law Office of Lawrence Cox

My coaching with MichelJoy over this year has helped me focus the vision of my company to achieve financial and interpersonal goals I was previously unable to do. With the guidance of her knowledge, experience, and a genuine commitment to my sucess I have laid a flexible groundwork that has allowed me to expand my business while integrating all aspects of my personal life. He abilities are na asset to any entrepreneur seeking to improve a financial growth that is in balance with the rest of their life.

Ján Montoya

Designer, JMD

Accountability and integrity. That is the core of what MichelJoy offers and inspires as a business and life management coach. She know the importance of self-discovery and is a passionate and skilled guide for anyone truly desiring transformation.

Irene Klotz

Science Journalist, Cape Press

MichelJoy has a laser sharp intuition. She can almost instantaneously address where I’ve sidetracked myself and get me back on track, aligned with my truth, making choices that support my vision. And she does so with complete heart.

Allana Pratt

TV & Radio Personality, Celebrate The Process, Inc

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  • AAA Credit Service
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  • A Natural Healing Center of Orange County
  • Bailey Care Homes, Inc.
  • Encino Smile Design
  • Fayette Chiropractics
  • Integrated Health Solutions
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  • New Directions for Women
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  • Center for the Advancement of Non-Violence
  • Eisha Mason, Science of Mind Practitioner
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  • Law of Attraction Center – O.C.
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