The Millionaire Circle™
”Design your business for profit and sustainability”

This is a 6-month, one-on-one Leadership Coaching program, custom-designed to have you break free from limited thinking about MONEY, SUSTAINABILITY, and LIFESTYLE. Visionaries know when you bring authentic Self-Expression to the workplace, you create a Culture of Aliveness, opening the doorway to Employee Support for a more profitable Business, rich with Insights for Fulfilled Lives.


Explode the myths of separation! Unite heart and soul with results-
producing action to have business results that fulfill your dreams!

Work with an EXPERIENCED Leadership Coach to continuously Stay inspired, in action, and accountable for results!

INNOVATE Custom-design your Business Plan for Profit and Sustainability



Create a picture of your current Financial State

  • Monthly Income
  • Monthy Expenses
  • Assets
  • Liabilities/Taxes
  • Net Worth



Use Profit and Loss Statements to Manage your Vision becoming a Reality

Create Structures that support profit and sustainability:

  • Design a Cash Flow Report around your Vision
  • Create Sales and Organization support structures
  • Manage for Job Satisfaction, Accountability, and Aliveness
  • Measure for Quality Customer Satisfaction
  • Establish Savings Accounts for Business Growth
  • Build a Cash Cushion for Future Economic Changes



Create Multiple Streams of Revenue with Colleagues
Create Affiliate/Referral programs that support your Community
Add Products/Services that support your Clients


Design your Ideal Life Plan – time off, vacations, pleasure

LIVE A FULFILLED LIFE: Integrate your Business Plan with your Life Plan knowing that WEALTH is a natural state of Being!

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