Engage in a unique visioning process to create the future of your business. Based on your World View, design a new Vision and Mission Statement that fulfills your vision.


Based on Harvard Business School’s use of the Merlin Factor, create Structures and Systems that support $1,000,000 to $10,000,000 in Gross Revenue, while having a fulfilled life!

  • From a Successful Future, work backwards in Designing Benchmark Results for the fulfillment of your Vision.
  • Engage in “Before” and “After” surveys for current satisfaction in each area of your Business and your Life.
  • Distinguish a Positive Model of Integrity, that provides a Powerful Access to Increased Performance.
  • Manage with Accountability Structures that support Self-Awareness, Creativity, and Dynamic Aliveness
  • Customize Measurements for Proposals, Accepted Proposals, Sales, Cash Flow and Profitability Projections
  • Go Beyond Quality Customer Satisfaction to Delight your Clients/Customers
  • Have Multiple Streams of Revenue generated by Colleagues
  • Integrate into your Practice an Automated Referral Program
  • Expand your Visibility through PR articles, Interviews, social media


  • Plus Meet and Brainstorm with Millionaire CEOs
  • Plus Individually or jointly, Write and Publish Your Book


Engage in Individualized Coaching Sessions with an Expert who Listens. As an Executive, have the Freedom and Privacy to Express what is Working and What is Not, Breakdowns and Breakthroughs and discuss areas needing Clarity.

46 Private, 45-minute Phone Consultations – 4/month, 2/month in December

  • Guidance for your plan implementation based on proven strategies
  • Accountability for Results
  • Coaching in Crucial Conversations
  • Bonus – 4 Financial Strategies “live” events – in San Diego
  • Bonus – 4 CEO Master Mind “live” events – in San Diego
  • Bonus – 1 On Line Business Mastery “live” event – in LA
  • Bonus – 1 Professional Speaking Boot Camp – (4) day “live” event in LA
  • Bonus – 1 Private Retreat with Energy Work – date and location TBA

Staff Sales Executive
Include on Phone Consultations – as an option, 1/month

  • Receptionist Sales Script to engage Prospects
  • Handling Objectives the right way can be your Cash Cow
  • Up-selling your way to Financial Freedom
  • 3 “Without a Doubt” Steps to Sell yourself and your service
  • Develop lucrative staff Incentive Programs without dipping into your Profits
  • Proven Strategies to Close the Sale
  • Customer Service Evaluation of Your Business/Practice



  • 48 “Marketing Mentor” Articles on how to increase your Revenue FAST
  • Ex: “Is reaching a new segment or mining the existing one best?”

Taking a Leap of Faith

Taking a Leap of Faith with MichelJoy DelRe

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