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How many times have you heard someone express their awe or amazement by saying “WOW”? It’s become part of the fabric of our culture. In fact, it’s said so often that we don’t always pay attention or recognize the amazing opportunity that is available in that moment.

The Webster’s Dictionary defines “WOW” as: an exclamation of wonder, surprise, pleasure; a person or thing that is extraordinary, successful.

Right in the moment of saying or hearing “Wow” we have an opportunity to be really present to something or someone who is extraordinary . . . This is the Law of Attraction at work. I am attracting to me that which I desire and have my attention on. This is a definite “WOW”!


An example of “WOW” results occurred last week. I worked with a new coaching client for an hour. As a real estate professional, she was already successful. She was closing 2 note sales per month. Her vision, when we began, was to increase her number of sales. As we deepened the conversation, she realized that what she really wanted, what would have her experience herself as a leader in her industry, was to have 5 note sales per week. That is quite a jump from 2 note sales per month! In our conversation, we uncovered areas of limited thinking that were keeping her stuck with the same results. By the end of the coaching session, she was fully empowered and profoundly inspired to realize her vision. The next day, I received an email from her saying that she had closed 2 note sales in the afternoon, right after our coaching session. Her effectiveness jumped from closing 2 note sales per month to closing 2 sales in an afternoon. That is a “WOW” result!! Something shifted within her for her to realize her own ability to be extraordinary.


Now, if you are thinking that a result like that was a coincidence, I have 18 years of experience, coaching more than 2,000 clients that provide many, many more examples of “WOW” results. There aren’t some people who were born to be successful and others who weren’t. Every person has the ability to shift their results. It is no accident that you are reading this message. Today your life has already shifted and you have the ability to produce a “WOW” experience. Paying attention to your thoughts, emotions, words, and actions keeps you present. Being present is the key to being extraordinary. Then, moving forward with gratitude, prepares you for having more and more of those moments.

As someone who was personally referred to me, I take a special interest in your success. I invite you to join me in having “WOW” results today by calling for a FREE 30-minute strategy session.

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The Clients Coached by MichelJoy are diverse:

  • A former Senior V.P. of Mattel who started her own company, grew it into a multi-million dollar hybrid business model in marketing and branding for the toy industry. She was named “Entrepreneur of the Year”, designed statistical research for the children and pre-teen girls market, manages 6 independent consultants, and supports the branding for new inventor’s toys. One of her priorities in life is making time to volunteer at her daughter’s school.
  • A Security Integrator who is a provider of multiple products and services to the Military & Defense, Industrial, Transportation, and Communications markets. Her company’s expertise includes Project Management, Materials & Contracts Management, Consulting and Designing as well as Education and Training. Her vision included Gross Revenue growth from $60K/year to $300K/year in the first year. She did that in ONE MONTH. She then grew her company’s Gross Revenue to $3M in ONE YEAR.
  • A Doctor of Oriental Medicine who established her business as a bridge between Western and Eastern medicine by teaching in a school of Oriental Medicine and treating head trauma patients in medical hospitals. As a newly divorced woman she started over in her practice, created one of the most prosperous acupuncture practices in the country, became a millionaire, flew with Drs. Without Borders, raised her three teenagers, re-married, retired, and then re-invented her practice. She is now a sought-after expert in nutrition and acupuncture.
  • A clothing designer who started cutting out t-shirts in her garage at night, grew her fashion line into a label; marketed through kiosks and boutiques in Newport Beach, Santa Monica, and Las Vegas; hired Veterans to run a side business of ice cream carts; invested in commercial real estate; became a millionaire. She is now semi-retired and very happily married with two beautiful children.
  • The CFO of a multi-million dollar, non-profit senior housing campus, with locations in 5 states, who turned the organization around from having a limited vision and facing a negative cash flow within two years, to a flourishing, profitable organization.
  • MichelJoy has also coached notable professionals i.e., a Navy Seal, a Harvard Professor, a negotiations expert, as well as C.P.A.’s, attorneys, real estate professionals, marketing and branding consultants, computer professionals, graphic artists, designers, artists, health and spiritual practitioners.