Regarding New Century Productions

My company is New Century Productions, Inc. My vision statement for the company is: Inspired leaders changing the world.

I see that as happening within every area of business, every area of nonprofit organizations that people have the capacity to change the world by being fully expressed as their own individual being.

When that happens, it impacts others. It’s very much like the scientific research that’s been done with butterflies. When they flap their wings, what look likes minute air movement has a rippling out effect. It’s measureable and scientists have measured it, making a difference all the way around the world. For each one of you, as you grow in your capacity and your expertise and doing what you love doing and bringing your full aliveness to what you’re doing, then it reaches out and touches other people around you. It touches your family, your friends, your community. It touches out into the state to the entire country and ultimately around the world.

I invite you to be thinking of yourself as the global business person. You may not be doing business on a global basis yet, you may not have that even as an intention at this time but I invite you to begin thinking of yourself that way. It’s an extended context for what’s possible. Out of that, you’ll start to see things in your own business, your own way of doing business and the kind of people who show up in your life, who you can do business with. New products and new projects can open up that you may never have dreamed of.

I like to call it the “Out of the Blue Project”. When something shows up out of the blue, it’s something that you didn’t think that was going to happen. Or you might have thought about it but you didn’t think it was really possible for you. Out of the blue, it showed up.

Most of the time, people put that off as ‘Oh, it’s just coincidence. It’s just a fluke.”

What they do is they shut down the possibility that it could be for themselves. So I invite you to start acknowledging when “out of the blue” shows up for you, maybe even start to keep track of it because out of the blue is in line with what your bigger vision is.

When you start measuring for it, when you start recognizing it, you’re actually welcoming it into your life. Then there are new opportunities that you can participate in, or new projects that you can begin that are going to be aligned with what your core values are.

Taking a Leap of Faith in Any Economy

Taking a Leap of Faith in Any Economy

cute-girl-puddleWhat is your first thought when you hear “taking a leap of faith”? My mind sees images that are like cartoon action figures. With my thought about taking a leap of faith, I imagine the joyous freedom of movement that I experienced as a six year old child leaping over puddles and running on the sand at the beach. Growing up in California gave me a unique experience of freedom that I met with open-hearted curiosity and joy. In my mind, the freedom and joy are translated into the image of having my arms wide open as I am leaping across a puddle not caring if I splash into the middle of it. I’m just going for it. That’s how it was for me when I started school.

As Sister Maureen brought me and 49 other children into the 1st grade classroom on the morning of the first day of Catholic school, I was excited. The first thing that Sister taught was how to correctly hold a pencil to write. Now, looking back, it seems rudimentary. But, that morning, it was one of those “Aha!” moments that opened a door for me to new worlds. I was thrilled and could hardly wait to go out into the hallway to show my Mother what I had learned.

What I realize now is that, before I even got to school on that first day, I had made a leap of faith knowing that something was ending and the future would be good. In my mind’s eye, I was able to envision the joyous freedom of movement that I experienced leaping over…